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Firefighters 100 Lottery

Support the ‘Firefighters 100 Lottery’ which has recently been launched to help five key good causes. Every 50 pence from each ticket sold will go to their chosen causes.

Urgent News - Branch will be attending a Pensions Meeting on the 8th February - Updates as soon as available.


Last year it came to our attention that there is no single place where individual annual leave entitlements are held in BT.  Therefore, there is no prompt from the Company when an individual’s annual leave entitlement increases in line with service. ..... More>

CWU Humanitarian Aid

Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA) is the union's national charity. It is supported by Royal Mail and BT as well as thousands of volunteers and donors who take part in a wide range of fundraising efforts to help vulnerable children in the UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe and beyond in war torn countries, orphanages or other places of need.

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Are you facing an Informal or Formal Warning for Performance?

We would advise any member faced with an informal or formal performance procedure to... More>

Fact Finding Interviews and the Discipline Procedure

If you suddenly find yourself in a Fact Finding meeting with your or another manager then you almost certainly will not have been warned...... More>

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CWU Harassment Helpline 24/7

Call 0800 107 1909

More Information available on http://www.cwu.org/ in the Members Area. Once you are logged in you can find the information under 'Harassment'.

Young Workers and Retired Members pages can be found under the Member Services Tab

Great turn out for our 1st Pension Review Meeting that was held Canterbury East Station Snooker Club on Tuesday 12th December. Tracey Fussey was on hand from the CWU NEC to help answer our members questions.

Tracey was also there along with ken Wooley to answer questions at our meeting in Maidstone on the 9th January 2018. What came to light was that people still need to return their response to BT by the Tuesday 17th January.

Need help or not sure what to say then contact the branch for further advice on


Mail: cwumeridian@btconnect.com

Dear Members,


Time is running short for you to have your say on the current proposed changes to both the BTPS and the BTRSS schemes.

Regardless of which scheme you belong to the changes proposed are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

BT need to hear this directly from you and not just from the CWU negotiators.

Please email your views to bt.consultation@wealthatwork.co.uk and copy in btpensions@cwu.org.

We can make a difference if we all do this and stand united against these proposals.

If you need any help or pointers in this please contact the branch on cwumeridian@btconnect.com or phone one of the officers.

Numbers are in your union diary or available on the website cwumeridian.org.uk.


Dave Booker,

Branch Secretary.

Mail: bt.consultation@wealthatwork.co.uk Mail: btpensions@cwu.org Mail: cwumeridian@btconnect.com Contact

***Four Pillars - Campaign Bulletin No# 33***
We are clearly at a critical and important point in this dispute, there is no room for complacency and we remain determined to secure the best possible deal for our members.


***Retired Members Conference***
Please see the Agenda for the Retired Members Conference witch will be held on the 31st January 2018.

***To All Meridian CWU Branch Members***
The countdown is on and time running out. Make sure that you have your say re: BT Pensions. Meridian branch secretary Dave Booker has an important message.


***BT Pension Review Facebook Q&A***

Another chance to view the Facebook Q&A with Dave Ward, Karen Rose, Andy Kerr & Nigel Cotgrove.


***BT Pension Review Reject all the Proposals***
BT is commencing the formal 60 day consultation on proposed changes to the company pension schemes tomorrow. The Company has just issued details of the proposed changes for both the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) and the BT Retirement Saving Scheme (BTRSS) which may be implemented in April 2018.

***Zero Suicide Alliance***
Bereaved families have joined with over 90 NHS trust, charities, politicians and suicide survivors to launch a new organisation and movement , the “Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA)” Please read the attachments for further information.

***Bring Royal Mail back into public ownership***
Bringing Royal Mail back into public ownership would protect jobs, employees terms and conditions, pensions and protect a 500 year old legacy that should not be condemned into the history books to make profit for the few off of the backs of the many employees.

***Royal Mail Ballot Result***

CWU and Royal Mails Ballot result and what it means to you, its members.


***Terry Pullinger - Industrial Action Ballot Video***
Hear Terry talk about the reasons for Industrial Action and why the CWU you are urged to vote “YES”.

***NPC Annual Transport Conference***
This year’s popular annual NPC Transport Conference will be considering a number of important issues, including:

More >

***BT Pension Review - August Update***
The CWU has continued discussions with BT about the Pension Review and BT has issued a further communication today. This briefing explains the latest position.
More >

***BT Pension Review***
The CWU has been in talks with BT about the future of the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS). BT is seeking agreement with the CWU over possible changes but it is important to emphasise that nothing has been agreed, and nothing has been ruled in or ruled out.

More >

***Good Mental health in the Workplace***
Work not only takes up a large portion of our time, it is also linked to our feelings of status, security and stability. Its enduring presence in all our lives, means work is well placed to support efforts to improve our mental and Physical well-being.

***Time For A New Kind Of Trade Unionism***

For workers across the UK the labour market is like the Wild West. Exploitation is exploitation whether it’s in a sweat shop or at the end of an iPhone, and the Taylor Review falls way short of addressing the problems workers face. 

***NPC Parliament Blackpool 6th 8th June 2017***
Pensioners defy the pouring rain and gale force wind to march through the streets of Blackpool to attend the 2017 Annual Pensioners Parliament in the Winter Gardens - Blackpool.

***BTFS Final Pay Offer – Ballot Timetable***

Further to CWU Briefing 06/2017 dated 2nd June 2017 which detailed the final BTFS Pay offer please

see details of the pay ballot as follows;

- Electronic email Ballot opens - Monday 5 June 2017 at 12 noon

- Electronic email Ballot closes - Thursday 15 June 2017 at 12 noon

- Result of ballot – Thursday 15 June 2017

All CWU BTFS members are encouraged to vote and to Vote 'YES'


***Manpower Pay Increase***

Following a number of queries into the office regarding the delay in the pay uplift for those Manpower employees that are on equal treatment contracts (non PBA).

***BT Pension Review***
BT has advised the CWU that it intends to review the current BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) arrangements. At the same time it has also given the CWU 12 months notice to terminate the 2008 Pension Agreement.

***OPENREACH – `Our Performance in SD’***

Changes to performance management in Service Delivery Field (this includes Regional Field teams, National Operations and Frames).


***BT Consumer Summer Leave***

Dates for summer 2018 annual leave have been released. BT Consumer are staggering the release of them depending on which function you work in.


***BT Pay Result***

The Meridian Branch recommended a NO vote but as you can see from the result below, the membership have voted quite convincingly to accept.


***2017 Executive Elections***

Branch nominations and recommendations.

***National Elections March/April 2017***

You will shortly be receiving a ballot paper in respect of the above elections. The branch committee recommends you vote for the following candidates in these elections:


***OFCOM Digital Communications Review***

BT and Ofcom have reached an agreement, on the future governance of Openreach.  The settlement agreement will require Openreach to become a distinct, legally separate business within the BT Group.  



There have been an increasing number of reports of managers in BT Consumer operating outside Group policy on medical appointments. The CWU Consumer National Team has raised this with BT on a number of occasions and we are working to ensure that the Group policy is applied.


***BT Passport - New Document***

The Personnel Team were presented with a new BT Passport which brought together the separate documents that exists on the BT Intranet. The team secured some changes and the intent of the document still remains an important record for members covered by the criteria. Health, Disability and Caring responsibilities are now recorded within one document.


***Work Related Stress***

Work-related stress remains one of the top causes of sickness absence according to latest statistics.

Work-related stress, depression or anxiety is defined as a harmful reaction people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work.


***BT Quarter Three Results***
As a CWU member working for BT, you will no doubt be aware of the accounting fiasco in BT Italia reported in the press this week, alongside the challenges in BT Public Sector, which caused their share price to drop 21% and BT to announce that profits and revenues may flat-line over the next two years.  This will have undoubtedly heightened concerns for you.

***Terry Pullinger***

A Video message to members and activists.


***Royal Mail Pension Consultation***
For the latest information on the Royal Mail Pension Consultation, Click on the CWU-News picture above.

BT Smart Pensions: Inclusion from 1 Feb 2017

Most members of the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) and BT Retirement Saving Scheme (BTRSS) who do not currently participate in Smart Pensions will be automatically enrolled into Smart by BT from 1st February 2017.


Pensions - Royal Mail’s Three Card Trick

Further to recent articles in the press concerning Royal Mail’s intention to close the Royal Mail Pension Plan from April 2018, this pamphlet is designed to alert CWU members to the implications of the closure of the Pension Plan and highlight the implications of the closure of the RMPP.