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Openreach – Working Together Update  LATEST 13.08.15

Following the publication of LTB 515/2015 on 7 August 2015 and the discussion held at the Openreach Briefing Committee, I am now writing to formally update you on the latest position regarding Working Together.

This LTB should be circulated to members in the manner usually employed by the Branch.

The attached documents set out the briefing material which has been issued and covers the following three scenarios:

 Additional Site announcements (Bournemouth, Dartford and Sheffield) and status changes for Ashton, Brentwood and Cambridge;

 Cross LOB moves in four locations – Canterbury, Middlesbrough, Swansea and Truro;

 Those still unable to be mapped to a CoE and for whom the discussions are ongoing.

The NT has worked hard to persuade the company that given the principles agreed at this year’s conference Ashton, Brentwood and Cambridge should have equal status in terms of longevity and promotion opportunities and that has been achieved.  We have also used the principles to gain the additional three sites in Bournemouth, Dartford and Sheffield, also with equal status.

It is important to note that individuals who have previously been mapped to a site as part of the original exercise, who work in one of the newly identified sites i.e. Bournemouth, Dartford and Sheffield, but who wish to remain there should approach their line manager and this will be accommodated.  The wording in the briefing issued to line managers did not make this clear unfortunately but that is what is agreed with the CWU and was reported to Branches yesterday.  Any issues relating to this point should be escalated to my office immediately.

As part of the ongoing CMCC strategy a number of cross LoB moves are being planned, both into and out of Openreach.  The next phase of those are the moves in the above locations to BT Consumer.  Individuals impacted will have a 1:1 to discuss the moves and possible alternatives available.  In terms of grading, PPP will of course apply and attendances will be governed by the span times and days contained in the SDT agreement.

Of those still in locations where a long term solution is still being discussed, they will be updated on the position and informed that discussions with the CWU are ongoing.  The NT continues to put pressure on the company to resolve some of those locations by creating and confirming additional sites.  As progress is made Branches and members will be kept up to date.

Openreach also intend to open a further early leaver scheme for all those in Phase 1 of the Working Together programme.  This will be on the same basis as previously with individuals having the opportunity to express an interest rather than signing up straight away.  The timescales, etc. are contained in the attached slides.  The NT is keen to ensure that we use that timeframe to create further additional sites and have that information in the public domain prior to individuals possibly making life changing decisions when that may not be necessary in their location at this time.

As reported, this is not the end of the process and the NT continue to press Openreach to create additional sites under the terms of the agreed principles and will keep Branches informed in the coming weeks of progress made.

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Openreach – Calculated Productivity and Performance Management

Latest>> Coaching Plan Review Principles

Branches will be aware of the ongoing discussions regarding the Performance Management culture within Service Delivery (SD).  The National Team (NT) is meeting with senior SD management this week in order to find a solution to the current issues between us in line with the debate at the Branch Forum held in December 2015 and with Motion 47 from last year’s Conference at the forefront of our approach.

A number of coaching plans have since been shared with the NT that includes a measure called TMA Ratio.  This measure has not been discussed with the NT and was not agreed as part of the introduction of Calculated Productivity.

The measure is described as follows: for example, 2.9 (Individuals Result) ÷ 3.72 (SOM mix adjusted result) = 0.78.  If the individual’s result was the same as the SOM mix adjusted result then the ratio would be 1.  The introduction of this new measure is unacceptable and moves any discussion regarding performance away from that agreed and back to once again chasing an individual number.  For reference the following is a lift from the letter received from Openreach and is contained in LTB 82/2105:

“Coaching plans related to productivity should use the Calculated Productivity information to focus the plans on ‘how’ an individual can improve their performance in a given area/product.  Similarly coaching plans should focus on performance improvement with a limited number of clear actions on identified products.  Product related actions should not be spread across the whole portfolio of products, task out rates and success rates.”

The NT believes that the use of the TMA Ratio fundamentally undermines the above approach.

The NT met with Openreach this week to discuss Performance Management in general and the use of the TMA ratio measure. The company has now agreed to conduct a review of all current coaching plans, IFW and FFW’s.  Where TMA is present, these plans will not progress to the next stage until they have been reviewed and any plan which replaces it is in line with the agreement with the CWU.  

Please find attached a briefing to managers and also one to team members which confirms the above approach.

Branches are therefore requested to contact all members covered by Calculated Productivity and inform them of the above advice.  The NT would also request that Branches send all examples of coaching plans that include reference to the TMA Ratio to Head Office as a matter of urgency.  

The NT is meeting Openreach again next week to further discuss the current situation in Service Delivery with regard to performance management.


Last year it came to our attention that there is no single place where individual annual leave entitlements are held in BT.  Therefore, there is no prompt from the Company when an individual’s annual leave entitlement increases in line with service. ..... More>

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Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA) is the union's national charity. It is supported by Royal Mail and BT as well as thousands of volunteers and donors who take part in a wide range of fundraising efforts to help vulnerable children in the UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe and beyond in war torn countries, orphanages or other places of need.

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 01 August 2016

Dear Colleague


Openreach – Service Delivery Field & NOTV Attendance (Saturdays)


Openreach have approached the CWU in order to begin discussions on possible changes to the number of Saturday’s members work in a 12 month period. The changes are principally being sought as a result of changes to care level offerings now offered by the major communication providers (CPs). Those changes differ geographically dependent on the customer base in that locality.


These discussions will take place in each Region and will be led by the appropriate Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and supported by Branches with members in that geography. These discussions are governed by the Flexible Attendance Patterns Framework (SDT Agreement) specifically the paragraph reproduced below;


`Saturday Working - Where business requirements dictate team members will be required to work Saturdays as part of their normal scheduled working week. The number of Saturdays rostered in any year will not exceed 12, but where there is a genuine business rationale, and following meaningful negotiation and agreement with the appropriate CWU Branch(es), this may rise to a maximum of 18 in any year, using the governance as defined in section 4.2.’


The specific requirement for change, and therefore the level of change, will be discussed with your local CWU Branch Officers and members should contact the Branch Office for the latest information.

The meetings with the South East GM are currently still on-going and NO agreement has been reached at this stage. Your work/life balance is being fully considered in our negotiations and you will be informed when further details are available, including any proposed changes.


Yours sincerely,

Anne Nickolson

Meridian Branch Chair

***Serious Safety Warning***

The Dangers of ‘Swing-Arm Barrier Gates’ after One Member is Seriously Injured and One Member Killed in separate accidents.


Pensions - Royal Mail’s Three Card Trick

Further to recent articles in the press concerning Royal Mail’s intention to close the Royal Mail Pension Plan from April 2018, this pamphlet is designed to alert CWU members to the implications of the closure of the Pension Plan and highlight the implications of the closure of the RMPP.


CWU Rejects Royal Mail Pension Closure

Responding to press reports that Royal Mail plans to close its defined benefit pension scheme from 2018, the Communication Workers Union (which represents the majority of its 140,00 strong workforce) has said it will fight the plans.


Defending The Royal Mail Pension Plan

Further to LTB 390/16 and in response to recent press reports referring to future closure of the Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP) the CWU are issuing this LTB to restate the Union’s policy and underline our determination to defend members’ pensions in Royal Mail and the Post Office.


Developing Our Vision Policy

LTB from Terry Pullinger with an attached letter to Sue Whalley detailing the CWU’s response to Royal Mail’s lack of communication to Royal Mail’s future business plans.


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