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Dear Friend,

Since a local drop-in job centre closed, people in Rye have been forced to travel up to 21 miles to claim job seekers allowance every week – but we’ve got a plan to change that.

Amber Rudd is not just our MP, she’s the Work and Pensions Secretary - yet she’s done nothing to restore this vital service that helped so many residents of Rye find work.

We’re bringing together people from across the area to win this campaign – and the first step starts with you. The first step is to show Amber Rudd just how many local people want the service reopened.

Sign Labour's petition to demand that Amber Rudd and the Department for Work and Pensions bring back the satellite Job Centre in Tilling Green  

Sign This Petition  

While so many are forced to rely on foodbanks in our area, job centres allow people to find jobs and provide for their families. The Tilling Green centre had computers for those without to use and they ran courses to help people get back into work. Now the nearest job centre for many is a £13 journey away – a quarter of someone’s job seekers allowance.

Throughout history, when our movement comes together, we transform the lives of the most vulnerable in society. Labour established the NHS. Labour founded the welfare state. Together, we refuse to standby as Tories leave so many families struggling – let's prove that again now.

Will you sign the petition now, calling for the Rye drop-in centre to be re-instated? It’ll only take a minute  

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Thanks for all you do,

Charlotte & Edwin

Labour’s Community Organising Team