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To all CWU members


We would advise any member faced with an informal or formal performance procedure to ask their manager for a copy of the procedure IN WRITING in order that you and we can understand properly what you are dealing with.

There are 5 things that a manager MUST do before using an informal or formal performance procedure.  They are:


Managers MUST also give consideration to the following:


We would also recommend that members on an informal or formal performance plan:


Quality coaching involves your manager identifying what you need to do differently and specifically what you need to change, complete with a documented plan to help you achieve the required standards.  If you do not feel your coaching is doing enough to help you achieve your objectives then speak to your manager.


We strongly recommend that you keep a personal diary of your daily work, problems, issues, contact with or from your manager and what about. Keep copies of emails and all correspondence and for further assistance contact the Union office.