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To :  All Branches with Members in BT


Dear Colleagues




Branches will be aware of a number of articles that have been published on the CWU’s web site and the Union’s Voice magazine concerning the above issue.


The Legal Services Department is encouraging any BT engineer who suffers from tinnitus and hearing loss and who have used oscillator and amplifier tone sets supplied by BT to contact the Union.


In conjunction with the CWU’s Panel Solicitors we are pursuing claims for compensation for members who have sustained injuries as a result of using this work equipment.


BT engineers will be aware that the oscillator and amplifier tone sets supplied by BT came in four classifications described as green sets, yellow sets unmodified, yellow sets modified and blue sets.


Our Solicitors have obtained via the Courts a position statement by BT in which liability is accepted in relation to the use of certain amplified tone sets, subject to causation in individual cases. (Causation means we have to provide medical evidence that each individual member’s medical condition has been caused by the said tone sets).  Additionally, BT are not currently enforcing the three year limitation period in which claims need to be issued.


The Department has received approximately 1500 potential claims and these are being processed in the usual way by our Solicitors.


Members will receive a Solicitors client care letter along with the questionnaire seeking further information in relation to their use of the tone sets and it will be necessary for them to not only view our member’s individual medical records but arrangements will be made for medical examinations to be carried out on each individual, in order to establish the extent and likely reason for their condition.  


In the meantime, any member who feels they may have suffered as a result of using the oscillator and amplifier tone sets, should register their claim via their local Branch Secretary or the CWU’s Accident Helpline on freephone 0800 804 6674.  Please note that irrespective of how long ago it was that our members used the said equipment, it is recommended that they register a claim with the CWU so that we can investigate any potential claim on their behalf.


If you require any further information regarding this correspondence, then please contact


Yours sincerely

Tony Rupa


No.  1033.10 Ref AJR/cf Date:  23rd November 2010