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Archived Letters

BT Operate

BT Operate: 2014 Lean Workstream and Mandatory Instruction for Assessments


Branches have had previous reports of a general nature which have commented upon BT Operate failing to deliver on its Transformation programme.  Following an in-depth study and investigation by McKinsey Management Consultants, a new Transformation programme has been created. This is being launched under the heading ‘BT Operate 2014’ and as the title would suggest........More>


Performance and Sick Absence Management in BT

Since I last wrote to you, we have been in intense negotiations with BT on the issues of Performance and Sick Absence Management and I can report that we have made some progress. This could only have been done by the company acknowledging that we had the full support of members in a campaign on this issue and I personally would like to thank you for your commitment......More>  




Over the past few weeks we have met on several occasions regarding performance management and sick absence in BT and the purpose of this letter is to summarise the outcome of these discussions.


Before going into the specific issues raised by the CWU, I would.......More>

BT Operate: Field Engineering Resourcing

As indicated in Letter to Branches 751/2011, the attached documents give greater detail on growth work and the recall of BT Operate members from Openreach who have been on secondment, or who have been placed in the BTTC.  If this is not sufficient to meet the requirements, the Union will be pressing for the opportunity to offer this to those members who were permanently placed in .....More>

BT Operate: Service Delivery and E250 Third Party Resourcing


Management have advised the Union that due to the increase in demand within the E250 area of BT Operate they are moving towards a position that will require them to engage third party labour in addition to the permanent workforce.  The final number of individuals and timescales are still under consideration......More>

Operate - Summer Leave 2012

We have received a number of enquiries regarding the restriction on summer leave for 2012. The Union is in discussions with Management at National level however we were recently given a presentation on BT Operate's involvement with the 2012 Olympics......More>